Project Quality Management

In 1998-99, Qualeng assisted with the preparation and operation of a Management System for a $600 million project in the oil and gas industry. 130 staff were employed in this fast track project which had to achieve key results within 6 months of its inception.

The quality management input involved the coordination of management plans, procedures, training and auditing of the different design disciplines operating on the project. A new approach had to be taken to provide control and coordination across the office, and manage the large volume of design documents handled through the intranet, and the traditional document control systems.

Further assistance was also provided in the review of specifications, in technical and quality review of supplier' bids and in the assessment of suppliers' facilities.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Quality Control Systems

Qualeng has assisted a leading WA Consultant to maintain registration of its Quality System. Poor performance in its compliance audits was leading to the withdrawal of the system certification.

The company was given advice to rectify its nonconformance's within 2 months, or have its registration revoked. Qualeng created a project plan to fix the process, giving critical activities highest priority and large resource allocation. An electronic management systems introduced was to support the management system. The new systems were thoroughly tested, and the audit was passed with no nonconformance's.

Major Asset and Management Audit of Facilities Provider

During 2004-05 Qualeng undertook a year long project commissioned by a state department. Qualeng was required to conduct a large scale asset and management audit of a West Australian facilities provider.

Qualeng ran and managed inpectors visiting and reporting on 500 unique locations in Western Australia to gather statistical data for the audit.


Feasibility of Co-generation and Combined Cycle Plant using Natural Gas

This work involved planning, costing, design, evaluation of design and operational scenarios for various plant combinations using Heat Recovery Steam Generation, with and without gas firing producing 200T/h of high pressure steam, and Gas Turbines at sizes up to 190+ MW.