Quality Assurance

Qualeng specialises in quality assurance services. Qualeng has provided a variety of quality services to a vast array of companies, both in Australia, and abroad.

Project Management

Qualeng is able to manage and operate small and large scale projects. We are capable of assisting at any stage of the project, or operating the project in its entirety. Tender management,

Engineering Design

Qualeng has designed and managed the fabrication of many mechanical structures. Qualeng is able to provide technical specifications and prepare project scopes.

Worldwide Inspection Services

Qualeng is capable of performing international inspections of fabricated structures or products before they are shipped. This ensures the correct item is received at a satisfactory level of quality.

Quality Systems & Complicance Audits

Qualeng has designed and implemented many quality control systems, ranging from large scale power plants, to office document control. Qualeng also specialises in audits of control and management systems.

Engineering System Databases

Qualeng builds custom engineering, accounting and project management database systems. This aids in the management of complex or multiple projects, by centralising data in one key interface.